Thursday, February 5, 2015

9 days in a bathtub

Relaxing sailing in a bathtub along Adriatic coast.

Sailing from Nordkapp to Stockholm - Project Scandinavia 2012

Igor Stropnik solo sailing from Nordkapp (Norway) to Stockholm (Sweden) via Torne river on 3,9m inflatable catamaran. 45 days and 2500km.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laser2 sailing, 36days, 2000km, From Slovenia to Albania and back.

Big seas and strong winds bring romantic to sailing and sea. But what is the real experience of the sea? I always admired single-handed sailors and especially those who sailed with no engine and Joshua Slocum being my favorite. So years ago I tried that with Laser sailing boat and fell in love with this kind of sailing. After that many voyages followed. I never knew which wind will blow in few days, where will I sleep, where will I get fresh water and food and most importantly what is going to happen next day. This is adventure. This year I bought Laser2 sailing boat and equipped it with two hatches and radar reflector. I took food for 2 weeks, 25 liters of water and other equipment and sailed south. It was beginning of June and the weather was still quite cold, but it was getting warmer every day. I would wake up with sunrise and sail all day. I anchored in remote bays. Sometimes I sailed all day and night with 32 hours being the maximum.  I turned back in Albania and sailed trough beautiful Monte Negro, Croatia and Slovenia. I did more than 1100 Nm in 36 days. I had all kind of winds but managed to sail every day, except for 3 days when very strong south wind blew. I capsized ones in 30 kn wind and ran for shelter with flock. Besides that I had no dangerous situations. Although I was looking for remote areas I met some exceptional people. With that and with nice sailing this trip leaves unforgettable memories and experience.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Summer 2008-Tiki 21- N. Vinodolski-Dubrovnik-N. Vinodolski-28 days, 650Nm

This year was the best of all. I had very nice time sailing with this boat and I was fascinated by preformance. With wind of 10-15 kn the boat was doing 7-10kn. And also in light wind I could sail her few knots. I didn't had genaker. I spent only 6l of gasoline for 650Nm and everything else was sailing. It is very easy to row the boat at speed of 1-2 kn. I started trip with friend that was with me for 10 days till PrimoŇ°ten and than I was alone till the end of the trip. This was my first big experience with catamarans and I loved it. They have a lot of advantages towards monohuls.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Laser sailing Croatia 2007-5 days,180 Nm

This time the idea was more ambicious. I had Dubrovnik back in my mind, but... This year I took much less equipment than past year to be faster. So there where much more problems insted. On the first day I was sailing into strong south wind and in the middle of Velebit chanel I realised my boat is ful of water-wtf!? Than I reached beach with a lot of dificulty. Because sombody stole plastic to close the small hole in hull I just used duck tape and it didn't work. Well I fixed the problem but water enterd into my waterprof bags and everything was wet. And you can't dry salty things so they started to smell. I was sailing for 12-14 hours per day and my back started to hurt. And there was strong south-east wind all the time and south-east was my direction. So I had enought near Zadar and I turned back. I was progresing much better with wind into my back and on last day I did 55 Nm in 9 hours:) I sold my laser than to by sailing boat for more people. I will have great memories on all three adventures till end of the days.
(clik map for more pictures)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Laser sailing Croatia 2006-18 days and 260 Nm

It's summer again and I am puting food, water, tent, sleping bag and all other stuff on my small laser. It's just too many things. But I'm not leaving without my guitar. My laser is hardly floating and I'm hoping he will continue to do this. And he did. I have a lot storys to tell like how I was stucked on Trstenik island because of bura wind or how I sailed on 20kn bura from Cres island to Rab isalnd and I will write them when I find time. I was sailing alone for 18 days and did 260 Nm. I was sleaping and cooking on boat. Guitar was ok. She never went for swim. (clik map for pictures)